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Charles Kemball, C.B.E. 27 March 1923 — 4 September 1998

M. Wyn Roberts

Elected F.R.S. 1965


Charles Kemball was born in Edinburgh on 27 March 1923, the only child of Charles Henry and Janet Kemball. His father was a dental surgeon and latterly a part–time senior lecturer in dental anatomy at the University of Edinburgh. The Kemballs were associated with the farming community in the county of Suffolk, his grandfather, Charles Kemball, being a farmer, maltster, brewer and undertaker in Boxford. Charles's father was first apprenticed in 1905 to a dentist in Ipswich, but moved to Edinburgh to complete his dental studies; there he spent the rest of his life, except for a year in Philadelphia, and was elected to Fellowship of the Royal Society of Edinburgh in 1936. Charles's mother, Janet (née White) was a Scot born in the west of Scotland.