Henry George Thode, M.B.E. 10 September 1910 — 22 March 1997

W.B. Clarke, J.H. Crocket, R.J. Gillespie, H.R. Krouse, D.M. Shaw, H.P. Schwarcz

Elected F.R.S. 1954


Henry George Thode was one of Canada's most distinguished physical scientists, internationally known for his work in the fields of geochemistry and nuclear chemistry. He did much of the pioneering work on the separation and concentration of stable isotopes, and made seminal studies of the natural variations in the isotopic composition of the elements in nature, particularly sulphur. Morever, he was the principal force behind the development of McMaster University in Hamilton, Ontario, from a small church-affiliated liberal arts college with 600 students to one of Canada's leading universities with a renowned medical school and internationally recognized science and engineering faculties.

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