Sir (Cyril) James Stubblefield. 6 September 1901 – 23 October 1999

H.B. Whittington

Elected F.R.S. 1944


Cyril James Stubblefield was an internationally renowned palaeontologist who, in his long career in the Geological Survey of Great Britain, rose to become its Director, and who was elected to be the leading geologist in the country as President of the Geological Society of London. A tribute to Sir James Stubblefield–as he became–by Dr M.A. Calver (1981), a colleague and Chief Palaeontologist, Institute of Geological Sciences, celebrated Sir James's 80th birthday and gave a list of his publications. H.E. Wilson's lively history (Wilson 1985) of the 150 years of the British Geological Survey, as the Institute of Geological Sciences was renamed in 1984, has much information on the years spanning Sir James's career. The personal tribute by Dr R. Casey, F.R.S. (Casey 2000), gives a unique insight into service in the Geological Survey during those years. Here I have supplemented the account by Calver, using autobiographical notes compiled by Stubblefield, and the complete bibliography includes publications (additional to those listed by Calver) compiled by Dr P.A. Sabine, formerly Deputy Director of the Institute.

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