Bernhard Hermann Neumann AC. 15 October 1909 — 21 October 2002

Cheryl E. Praeger


Bernhard Hermann Neumann was born and educated in Berlin. He held doctorates from Berlin and Cambridge, and mathematical positions at universities in Cardiff, Hull, Manchester and the Australian National University (ANU) in Canberra. Whereas his move to the UK in 1932 was a result of the difficulties he faced as a Jew in finding employment in Germany, his move to Australia in 1962 was to set up a new research Department of Mathematics at the Institute of Advanced Studies at ANU. Bernhard Neumann was famous both for his seminal research work in algebra and also for his strong support of all endeavours in mathematics. His scholarly publications span more than 70 years. His honours include election to the Fellowships of the Royal Society and of the Australian Academy of Science, appointment as Companion of the Order of Australia, and numerous honorary doctorates. To Bernhard it was important to share and spread the joy of doing mathematics.