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Norman Wingate Pirie. 1 July 1907 — 29 March 1997

W.S. Pierpoint

Elected F.R.S. 1949


Norman Wingate (Bill) Pirie was the third and youngest child of George (later Sir George) Pirie, and his wife Jean. His brother, George Harvey, was five years older than he was and his sister, Jean, was two years older. He spent most of his early, formative years in their company in a spacious family house at Wardend, near Torrance in Stirlingshire. From this industrious and closely knit family and the rather isolated rural background he derived many of his characteristics: his robust independence and self-reliance, his frugality and unacquisitiveness and his critical curiosity about the natural world. He was, however, born in Midhurst, Sussex,during a visit south in July 1907.

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