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Sir George Robert Edwards OM CBE. 9 July 1908 — 2 March 2003

Norman Barfield

Elected F.R.S. 1968


British engineering has always been well provided with world–class designers and industrial leaders who have wrought world–leading achievements. Best and most widely known for his exceptional contribution to the world aerospace industry, Sir George Edwards excelled in all three spheres simultaneously, and was the most prolifically accomplished and highestregarded British aircraft designer and industrial leader after the original pioneers and company signatories, and of world stature. His 94–year life spanned virtually the entire era of powered manned flight, to which he devoted an outstanding 40–year contribution―from 1935 to 1975, from the biplane to the supersonic era. His exceptional technical and engineering proficiency, familial leadership style, prolific achievements and hugely significant influence on the global aeronautical scene were unmatched anywhere. The results were the generation of leading–edge aerospace engineering technologies and standards, the realization of a whole new travel experience throughout the world by air, and key elements of national and international defence, thereby providing valuable commercial and export benefits and many thousands of high–calibre and rewarding jobs―all of which he steered and managed with commanding ability, authority, effect and great success.

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