Rosa Susan Penelope Beddington. 23 March 1956 – 18 May 2001

Sohaila Rastan, Elizabeth Robertson

Elected F.R.S. 1999


A summary of the life of the developmental biologist Rosa Susan Penelope Beddington reads: born in Hurstbourne Tarrant, Hampshire, 23 March 1956; Research Fellow, Lister Institute for Preventive Medicine, Oxford, 1983–88; research scientist, ICRF, Oxford, 1988–91; Senior Research Fellow, Centre for Genome Research, Edinburgh, 1991–93; Head, Division of Mammalian Development, MRC National Institute for Medical Research, 1993–2001; married Rev. Robin Denniston 1987; died in Great Tew, Oxfordshire, 18 May 2001.

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